Are you a gay guy who speaks English? Stop here! Let us know your experience and read how gay guys from other countries live their being gay
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Dear friends,

Gay Project started several months ago an online interview program on gay sexuality. The program requires users to fill out a form/interview. After review by a moderator, to avoid the publication of bad stuff, forms are automatically collected and published online and are accessible to everyone.
The online interviews, initially only in Italian, have achieved some success and it is now possible, reading the texts, to get a realistic idea of gay sexuality.
From today Gay Project extends the online interview program on gay sexuality even to English speaking users.

Want to participate in the survey? Here is the link to the online form: ... UG9KM1E6MA..

Want to read the results? Here's the link: ... utput=html

The questionnaire, that appears below, is part of the "Gay Project Polls". As usual, the participation in the survey is anonymous and realized through the development of an online questionnaire, in this case there aren't pre-answers to choose from; everyone has the opportunity to write his answers without space limits.

Questions: My country. My age. My sexual orientation and its development. When and how I understood to be gay. When and how I accepted my being gay. The difficulties I encountered in the acceptance of my gay identity. Hard situations I faced and I must face as a gay. Who knows I’m gay. My relationship with my parents. My relationship with my friends. Where does my knowledge of gay reality come from. My relationship with my nakedness and others'. My relationship with masturbation. My relationship with pornography. My relationship with meeting-websites and erotic chat. How do a I deal with my emotions/sexuality. My relationship with girls. My relationship with hetero guys. My relationship with gay guys. What strikes me most in a guy. My previous emotional life. My current emotional situation. My affective satisfaction level. My sexual satisfaction level. The weight of sex in my emotional world. What I want from my boyfriend. What I think I can give my boyfriend. What I wish related to my emotional life/sex. Frustrations related to my emotional life/sex. What I want to know about the emotional life/sex of other gay guys. How much I am informed about the risks related to certain sexual behaviors. Suggestions to improve this form.

Help us to make known the true gay sexuality. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Here are the links to the Italian form and to the Italian results.
To participate: ... eUEwQ0E6MA
To read results: ... fOth0yA0CA