BEING GAY - the life of gays through real experiences

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BEING GAY - the life of gays through real experiences

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About the book
Gay reality can be compared to an iceberg of which only a small part
emerges. Publicly declared gays, despite being a clear minority, have a real,
even if reduced, media visibility, while not publicly declared gays, which make
up the vast majority of gays, are socially invisible.
Gay Project is an association founded in 2007 in order to raise awareness of
the reality of life of gay people, with particular attention to gays not publicly
declared, which, for their invisibility, are generally completely ignored
by sociological research and media. The activities of Gay Project have expanded
over the years and several people have collaborated with me in the
management of the technical and organizational aspects of the Project, but
my activity has always been focused on direct dialogue with gay people of
all ages, via email, in chat, through forums and also, of course, in person.
Gay Project has collected a huge amount of testimonies, consisting of exchanges
of e-mails and discussions on the forum, which allow to broaden eyes
seriously on the reality of undeclared gays. All this material, mostly of a private
nature and therefore not immediately available for reasons of privacy,
or dispersed in many forum posts, required a serious work of reworking that
made it ordered within a logical scheme and therefore easily usable by interested
My work of reorganizing and reworking the enormous documentation collected
has led to this volume, which tries to summarize in 26 chapters the
experience gained in Gay Project over the years.
Obviously I don’t mean by this volume to summarize the ”truth” about gays,
which constitute an extremely complex and jagged reality. This work aims
to be simply the synthesis of what emerged in the activity of Gay Project.
It is a synthesis that has been carried out trying to maintain the maximum
fidelity to the observed data, and in this sense it is therefore a work conducted
with scientific method, through the analysis of hundreds of concrete
situations, obviously, related only to people who came into contact with Gay
Project, it is a very large sample but not representative of the general gay
The situations considered refer to the overwhelming majority of Italian gay
guys, not publicly declared, with an average age of around 26 and active
The guarantee of the scientific nature of this work lies in the absence of a
priori purposes of any kind and in full compliance with the collected data.
The syntheses that make up the various chapters have been widely discussed
in the Gay Project forum and are widely shared. Despite all the limitations
and field restrictions indicated, this volume remains, in my opinion, a source
of unique knowledge of the life of undeclared gays. The documentation at the
end of each chapter is all of first hand and tends to underline the complexity
and variety of situations.