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Gay pornography, as all pornography, is an industrial activity that gets very heavy revenues and requires minimal capital commitments.

To build cars you need equipment, technologies and large investments, to produce a porno you need just a camera. As you want to improve the quality of activities using sophisticated technologies, it is still a business with minimal risk and high income. Let’s ask ourselves why. First, who are those who use pornography? The answer lies in the facts. First, we have to distinguish the situation of teenage boys from the situation of adults.

A teenager, 12/13/14 y. o., has a spontaneous strong curiosity for sex because he must grow, must understand what this thing that everyone talks about is. Spontaneous sex curiosity should find clear answers first of all in the family, then in the school and in all the places the boy attends, but often families are totally uninformed, especially about homosexuality, or manifest forms of homophobia that discourage any attempt by a teenager to talk openly with his parents. Some parents react by sending the boy to complacent psychologists that promises a quick exit from homosexuality and still consider it a disgrace to have a gay son. In some northern European countries, according to what I have found talking to guys in those countries, there is a school education with a serious sex education, open and non-discriminatory, but unfortunately in many other countries, including Italy, sexuality is a topic completely ignored and homosexuality is a taboo which no one should speak about. According to the most reliable statistics homosexuals are about 8% of the population. In a school with 1000 students there are about 80 gay guys. You can easily see heterosexual couples who go around hand in hand, but you’ll never detect any affectionate behavior of a boy to another boy, which means that a straight guy has a chance to lead his affective life at school but a young gay man can’t at all. The other places often frequented by young gay guys, such as those related to religion, sports and politics, manifest repressive attitudes in relation to homosexuality similar to those of the school. If a young straight guy can find a young and can express affectionate attitudes towards her in public, a gay guy can’t do it in any environment. The same also applies to sexuality. The first approaches of a straight guy to a girl is considered absolutely normal, those of a gay guy to another guy entail serious risks of marginalization and definitely be labeled as gay, which in a society still strongly homophobic can have serious consequences. Where do they go then gay guys looking for answers to their natural sexual curiosity? Of course go to pornography, with the result that they identify homosexuality with pornography, so they lose their sense of emotional homosexuality and trivialize it learning, among other things, a sexuality that is very far from that of true gay couples where there is a strong emotional relationship.

And in the world of adults? In the world of adult pornography is a typical prerogative of men sexually frustrated. Those who live a fulfilling love life and sexuality does not need pornography. Unfortunately, many people, both straight and gay, do not have a love life and a fulfilling sexuality, especially gay married men, gay young adults who live in areas heavily homophobic, which are still very common, and I think also young gay adults passing through a series of stressing couple experiences, born more by the need not to be alone than from a true love relationship with their partners. In all these situations pornography is escaping from reality into a fantasy world where everything is easy.

In conclusion, the use of gay pornography is strongly correlated with the marginalization of homosexuals, with their lack of integration in education and society, and with the persistence of heavily frustrating situations. It is a vicious circle in which pornography spread a distorted and sex-centric homosexuality image that hampers social inclusion of gay people, increases marginalization and thus indirectly promotes further expansion of pornography.